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Mon histoire

Pince-moi, je rêve

Après avoir quitté ton pays, ta famille, tes amis, et la seule vie que tu connaissais; après avoir bossé comme un malade pendant si longtemps; après avoir serré les poings quand tu voulais laisser tomber; souri quand tu voulais pleurer; espérer quand il n’y avait plus d’espoir; et continué à réaliser ton rêve lorsque la réalité était devenue un cauchemar; un email comme ça, de ta compagnie, tu n’es pas prêt de l’oublier. Ca y est. C’est officiel. Je pars en formation A320—dans deux jours !

Pince-moi, je rêve…

Date : January 14, 2005 Re : Airbus Training Dear Danny : Congratulations ! The Independence Air Pilot Training Department has received notification that you are scheduled for Airbus training. Your class information is as follows : Class Start Date : 1/17/05 Class Start Time : 0830 Class Number : 5NF-03 Training Locations Your training is divided between IAD and MIA. Your training starts at IAD and is conducted at the Employee Center located at 515 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA. We will provide the Miami information during your first week. Manuals/Materials Some training materials are available prior to your class start date. You may pick these up at Technical Publications up to 60 days ahead of that date. Travel All travel from IAD to MIA will be positive space and arranged by the Training Scheduling office. You will receive your confirmation numbers while you are in training at IAD. Transportation While in Miami, Airbus provides each crew with a car. You will pick it up upon arrival at the airport. Further details will be provided with your travel information. Dress Code To maintain the professionalism you demonstrate while on the line, the dress code while you are in training is business casual (no jeans, shorts or t-shirts). Typical attire, particularly while in Miami, is khaki slacks and a collared shirt. And of course, shoes ! Be warned, because of all the devices operating in the Airbus Training Center, the facility is maintained at a fairly low temperature. Training Curriculum The training curriculum or “footprint” is attached. Further details, such as days off and device schedules will be provided during your first week of training. ...